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9-11 Raffle $400.00 Gift certificate for a custom rod.

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Hi Folks,

I am trying to establish a program for 9-11 dependents to go on party boat trips. It is taking longer than I thought. I am continuing to work at it.

Therefore I want to start selling raffle tickets. The prize is a Gift Certificate of up to $400.00 towards the purchase price of a Custom Fishing Rod by Capt Neil.

The tickets will sell for $5.00 each and 3 for $10.00.

I will have a table at the Noreast Show, Aug. 22nd. The raffle tickets will be available at my table.

You can also send a check made out to Capt Neil Faulkner
11 Harp Lane
Sayville, New York 11782

and I will mail the tickets to you. Please write on the check "9-11 raffle".

The raffle will be held in the spring of 2003, before fishing season begins. This will give me plenty of time and different Shows at which to sell tickets.

The tickets for a party boat trip will be distributed in summer of 2003.

The proceeds of the raffle will be used to buy the party boat tickets.

The winner can chose any of these type rods, surf, fly, bay, inshore, off shore, spin or conventional.

If the custom rods total cost is more than $400.00 then the owner of the winning ticket pays the additional amount.

I want to sell as many tickets as possible so jump on in!!!!!

Thank You in advance.

Capt Neil Faulkner

(631) 567-8049
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Hi Spinfreak

Thanks for the heads up.

I have not heard of a similiar situation in NY.

As always the goods guys get penalized for the creeps.


Capt Neil
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