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Grease it up!

Removing the clicker from the reel only stops the clicking when the spool is being turned when the drag releases. I happen to think the clicker on the spool is a good thing as you can tell at night how much is left in a fish by the amount of noise coming from the reel. I wish some of my conventionals had this feature. If you want to silence the anti-reverse pack it full of a good reel grease. I happen to like the stuff from "The Surfcaster" other guys swear by Superlube Grease. Not only will your clicker be quieter, the packed gearcase will remain more water resistant. I wetsuit with a 706 and have yet to destroy the inner workings with this method. I can assure you nothing bad will happen to your reel if it is packed with the proper grease.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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