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Capt. Mark DeBlasio had the Neil Eschenbrenner charter down at the Claw on Wednesday to Thursday on the 60 Ritchie Howell and immediately got right back into the hot fishing. They started on the troll but as soon as our 48 Canyon Runner got the fish on the drift they switched over and immediately had fish on. From 3pm to 6pm they fought fish the entire time with fish taken on our hammered diamond jigs and sardines. That bite settled down around 6pm and they went on the anchor. During the afternoon and again at night they fought 250-300 pound tigers sharks - 4 of them actually bringing 2 to the boat.

They had their first morning tuna bite around 5:15am and again were hooked up the rest of the morning until leaving to come home at 9am. In total they brought 14 bluefin to the boat, fought over 20 keeping one 62 inch 120 pound fish and releasing the rest.
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