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Hi Guys.
I'm thinking of starting my own 6 pack buisness.I am thinking of purchasing a parker 25 footer with a cabin.It will be mostly inshore fishing.
What do you think of this boat?
and are there any permits that i need to obtain.
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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wreckfisher, sorry, I asked that question because you were asking about permits, the 2nd. question I asked because I know many people who have done that, and still do that. I think the main reason people get into that business is to help with the payments on the boat. I can tell you it is a tough business, unless you have a good solid client base, which can take years to develop, you will have your work cut out for you. I assume you like to fish and fish often. MANY times the people who will charter you claim that they are "fisherman", did you ever bring friends out that say they are "fisherman?" It's work, not much money left when the smoke clears, if you think things break all the time on your boat now, just wait. Also, just about everyone I ever know that went into that business, as soon as they were comfortable with the monthly, payments, they were out of it. It is an interesting business and after you are out of it you will have a million memories of funny, stupid things that happened, and also, memories of lots of good fish.

Tight lines,

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I would like to own a Parker 25 and many other fine boats. However, I would want a diesel engine in any boat I bought. As a fisherman I do not like fishing over outboards.

The good thing about a 6 pak is that they are considered "uninspected vessels". 7 passengers and above you end up with all thise inspections. I am sure the USCG has a list of requirements for 6 paks.

Mako Matt made a fine post. You also have to look at it from a business standpoint. Competition, dockage,insurance, distance to fishing grounds, advertising, bait, rods/reels, tackle, mates, maintenance/repairs, someone to handle phone calles and other things I have forgotten.

I do not write this to scare you but maybe to bring up things you might not have considered.

Running a 6 pak has many good things going for it. It can be alot of fun and rewarding. And hard work.

I would seek out several 6 pak operations in your area, speak to the owners and I am sure they can give you a lot more insight.

Good Fortune. If and when you do IT, please let us all know.

Capt Neil

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Makomatt is RIGHT!

You need to figure out why you want to do this. Also The Parker is a nice boat, but you need to ask yourself where you will be operating and in what type of conditions. I get the feeling that if you need to ask about how a particular hull preforms than you need to take a few trips on one in real conditions to see how it will actually preform for you. Depending on what the term inshore means to you and if that applies to others. Most serious charter captains prefer a downeast hull due to its sea keeping qualities and they seem to be very economical to operate if set up correctly. You also get a very large platform too. You may not have enough room with the planning hull of the Parker boat. Also you need to consider what type of power you need and how much fuel capacity. Things like that.
I hope this gives you some insight...

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Several Parker 25' are used succesfully as charter boats on LI by some fine fisherman. I own one, they are great but several items to consider if you charter:
1)you really can't take 6 people fishing on a boat this size, therefore you can't charge as much money, you will be limiting your income.
2) Assuming your thinking outboard power (the most common on a 25' parker)these are not very efficient compared to a downeaster with diesel propulsion.

You will have two strikes against you less income, more outlay. Still they are in use, good luck !!

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Hey Wreckfisher,
Are you looking to run a charter biz as your sole source of income, or as a part time gig that will supplement your regular paycheck? Reason is that when it's your only biz, then you have to go out most times, the expenses come right off the bottom line, when you have a bad week, you may not eat (figure of speech), and when you have no clients, you're sitting on the beach. On the other hand, as a part time job, you can be a bit more selective at the jobs you book, postpone or cancel trips and not be as impacted in the wallet, and not run your boat as much (ie less wear and tear).
I have a six pack and once in a while run a charter. But there are other ways to have your license work for you. Drop me a line to discuss further if you want.
Capt Tom

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Parker for Charter

There is one Capt. who runs a 26 Sea Swirl in Port Jefferson. He charges hourly rates for the boat.I think it is 50 per hour for the boat which include fuel and bait, NO TACKLE! This way you are sort of guarrented to get some fisherman, not wanna B's.

This was 2 or 3 years ago and again he was right in Port Jefferson so the travel time and fuel was kept at a reasonable level.

I know the guy has a steady following of clients and that you would have to develop over time.

The reason I say this because with that 25 you will not have the room for 6 anglers, a mate and your self. Although Parker has a new model 28 that they just came out with that might fill your needs. Don't know the price tag but it sure is preety!:)

As a matter of fact cut and paste this,

My boat is Baywatch on that site.

It is a pilothouse page that was staterd by porbegal, who is from this web site.

It has all sorts of Parkers, links to Capt who run them, different rigging tips a good photo section and most of all the best pictures of the new 28 I have seen to date.

If you do deciede to do small charters I would got to around $65 an hour with the Parker and fish no more then 4 anglers. Insurance and fuel have jumped a lot in the past few years. Besides you will be a speciallty item. Not all chartes get 6 people to offset the cost.

BTY I have a 2001 23 Parker SC with a 200 HPDI on the back. If you are really interested about about a Parker I can give you some good insight about the boat.;)

I love mine and fish 4 with no problem with an 8'6" beam where the 25 and 28 are 9'6".

BTY Parker makes the 25 I/O diesel$$$
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