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6/30 Captains Cashes Trip

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I have a reservation for next Monday's Captain's Cashes Ledge trip. Anybody else signed up? First time to Cashes, really looking forward to it. Any advice appreciated. Is it bait fishing,jig or both. Any species dominant this time of year.

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Ah the first Cashes trip! All I can say it is a great experience to fish Cashes! It is nice when the fish are shallow and you throw a jig and it is either on bottom in seconds or in a pollock?s mouth. There usually is decent mix of ground fish and I have always caught more Pollock and lots of doubles. It will all depend on whether it is a bait or jig bite so having a pole rigged for both is the way to go. Make sure you have a few 20 & 24 oz sinkers with you as the current can really rip and you might fish a few deeper spots. There is usually a good amount of wolf fish and the bait dunkers catch a lot of cusk. I still have never seen a halibut caught at Cashes but you never know. Have a great trip. Hairbone
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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