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6/30 Captains Cashes Trip

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I have a reservation for next Monday's Captain's Cashes Ledge trip. Anybody else signed up? First time to Cashes, really looking forward to it. Any advice appreciated. Is it bait fishing,jig or both. Any species dominant this time of year.

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cashes trips

Depends on the stop as to what was the preference...bait vs jigging. Diamonds, vikes and Lavjigs all produced well. Saw teaser color preferences depending on day and time from chartruese, to pink, and eventually blue. Both squid and clams worked for bait, the preference seemed to be squid.

Make sure you are using appropriate weight... Nothing worse then tangles caused by an underweighted bait rig or a jig drifting itself through other peoples lines and then spending 10 minutes watching other people catch fish while the mate sorts the tangle. (I didnt cause happened to me, by someone using and 8 oz weight in a fair current). I'd have a weight assortment up 10 oz up to 20 oz. and I jigged mainly 12's and 14's, but used an occaisional 16oz.

Lastly this was all the last cashes 2 day on the YC...could be totally different now.

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