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Reported by Brad Burgess:

Despite 20 knot winds from the south and poor fishing reports, Mike Zajac, Mike Elton, and I decided to take the 32 Regulator out for an afternoon of bass fishing. We left Clark?s Landing around 3:30pm and headed north to search for the bunker schools. It didn?t take long as we found the schools stacked up off Sea Girt in 20-32 feet of water. We quickly snagged and loaded the live wells with nearly 30 baits and decided to set up for our first drift, just offshore in 35 feet of water. A half an hour later Paul Dalik (Crisdel) let us know a few boats were marking fish off Belmar, so we reeled in our baits and off we went at 45 knots!

There were a few birds picking, so we pulled the throttles back in 35 ft of water. We marked a pod of bait and then the North Star fish finder lit up with boomerangs! Our three live bunkers were devoured within 30 seconds! Over the next hour we caught 7 bass--boating 5 and releasing 2. The fishing slowed until we received a call from Mike on the "FishHead". The bass had moved down the beach and were blowing up on the bunker schools about a mile south. Off we went again at 40 knots into a 3-4 ft head sea. After slowing the boat, we marked another large school of bait and bass in 30 ft of water. The bass were rolling on our baits as soon as they hit the water! We managed to catch another 4, releasing 3 and keeping our largest of the night, a 38 lber.

Total for the night was a limit of 6 for the table and 5 releases. Here are a few pictures from the water and dock. I can?t wait to get out there again soon. Enjoy!

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