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4th guy needed for offshore fishing

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need a 4th guy to fish with us on tuesdays, starting in april. we fish tuna, sharks, bass fluke, and wreck fishing my specialty! we take 3 different weeks in montauk,(pre scheduled)want someone who loves to fish, No clockwatchers, Sleepers or Loafers.Must fit in with the current group.I have a 30ft Blackfin and like to do some tourneys. Won the recent riverview striped bass tourney, came in first place.If interested and want to talk, leave a msg. and phone no. and i,ll call. home port is seaford. fishing out of jones or fire island inlets

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Hello I would be interested in fishing with you. I have made several offshore trips and have a very flexible work schedule so time is no problem here. E-mail me at: [email protected]
Thank you David
yea, hipshot I sail out of jones inlet from seaford,on a regular basis, and debs, or fire island depending on what wreck I,m targeting!If your interested , an e mail would be helpful
I'm your man i can fish 16 hours a day i hope that's not a problem, i'm up at 4:00am and stay up till 12:00pm, are you going to be ablr to kep up with me.I hope your not the type of guy to give orders and your crew is not a bunch of guys that just eat and drink, cause i'm not going to put up with that, oh and i'm a very punctual man so when you say 5am , 5am it is not a minute later. so if your interested in me here is my e-mail address: [email protected].
yea, MR bass, I can keep up with the best of em, Punctuality,is always a plus, and the other two crewmen, are two solid stand up guys that love to fish ,but do sometimes require a bite to eat , and just for the record,My name isn,t Capt. Bly, and we,re not fishing on the Bounty!
Also interested.....Experienced mate, love to fish, Love to help. E-mail me at [email protected]. Very flexible availability also
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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