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Capt. Paul Dalik, Mike Zajac and Capt. Peter Doran took the 48 Canyon Runner out for a day troll on Saturday with the Mark Reber charter. They left the dock at 2am and hit the east wall by 6am trolling up the edge past the 100-square without a touch. They turned back southwest and worked back across the deep and were the first boat of the day to find the fish. Trolling the Zajac pattern which consisted of 7 Canyon Runners spreader bars since almost all the fish lately are coming on these (4 off the riggers one off the Center riggers and 2 long flats off the tips of the rods) their first shot was a five bagger. The put the first 4 yellowfin in the boat all around 40 pounds and couldn't budge the 5th fish. One hour later a 206 pound big-eye was sitting on the deck bleeding out. All 5 fish fell for Canyon Runner squid and green machine spreader bars. The big-eye ate a Mini-Rainbow Green Machine bar (which was our hottest big-eye bar last year accounted for 7 big-eyes so far since we started pulling in last August).

They continue to stay hot and pulled a total of 18 yellowfin out of the bite with almost everyone falling for the bars. They trolled 4 other rods with ballyhoo but they never got touched. The yellowfin were all mostly 30-40 pounds with a couple bigger and a few smaller that were released. All the action took place on the west wall of the Hudson in 76 degree water.

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