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Capt. Mark DeBlasio, Mike Zajac and Peter Doran took out 5 members of the armed forces in a trip arranged by Jason Brooks and Adam LaRosa to bring out for free members of the armed forces that either served in OIF or OEF. We struggled to get this trip in due to bad weather and as such choose to wait out the wind and leave the dock at 6am on July 4 for just a day trolling trip. They arrived on the West Wall of the Hudson and trolled from 10am to 5pm without a touch but refused to quit and had every intention not to come home without giving each man his chance on the rod. In those 7 hours they moved over to the east wall and up the bank towards the dip where they eventually did find 5 nice 80-85 pound yellowfin that they went 1 for 1, 2 for 3, and 2 for 2 putting together a nice catch for our soldiers. They fished right into the dark and came home at 1am. The fish fell for Canyon Runner squid bars and Jets in 76 degree 600 feet water.
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