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Changing from (one at 28") to (one at 36") will not bring back the big fish.
It will increase the number of small ones though.
I discussed this at length with Byron Young a few years back.
He agreed that a "slot" would be the best way to bring big fish back, but
he had no faith in NY anglers remembering/obeying a slot limit.
The law was (one at 36") then. (Remember the meeting in Stony Brook?)

TWO fish between 18" and 24" could be harvested without adverse effect on the biomass.
It is the LARGE fish that must be protected now, so their survivor genes can be passed on.
Of course, if the law changes to this slot, even if you catch a world record, you can't keep it.

A 20 pound female produces about 1.2 million eggs, .125" dia.
A 50 pound female produces about 12 million eggs, .250" dia.
The larger eggs produce more viable fry. It's really a "no brainer".

In other words, a 50# female is worth MORE than ten 20# females
I believe this issue was discussed at length in Nick Karas's book.
A scholarly text, it was well researched and planned, highly recommended reading!

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