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i would like to do some beach riding next year in montauk and plum island, mass areas and am wondering what type of equipment do i need. i know i need a shovel,portable toilet. jack and stand. what else? do i need to air down all the time? i have a 1998 ford ranger xcab 4x4 with a cap. would that be a good vehicle to use?. thanks for any help Dave

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The state permit lists the following items as requirements for going on the beach:

[*]Portable toilet
[*]Fishing pole (You must be a fisherman to be on the state beaches, to bad they don't enforce it)
[*]Tow rope or chain
[*]Jack and jack board (I carry a better jack than just the cheap emergency one)
[*]Spare tire
[*]Tire gauge capable of measuring minimum of 5 psi
[*]Tires must not exceed 33 inches in diameter and 12.5 inches in width

In addition I would recommend bringing some extra equipment:

[*]Fire extinguisher (The tranny and motor can get really hot on the beach, and I'd hate to loose my truck to a fire that I could have put out on my own)
[*]Tire plug kit
[*]Can of ether for reseating the tire if you roll it off the rim
[*]Air hose for refilling tires (A must if your going to air down)
[*]Small tool kit

You don't need to air down all the time but the more you air down, the better the truck will run (See the "Real Men Don't Air Down" thread). Your truck should be fine on the beach.

Plum Island????? Is that in Mass. because you won't be able to get anywhere near the Animal Disease and Research Center at Plum Island off Orient.

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Nicely put doughboy

You covered everything.I carry all that was mentioned above.Especially the fire extinguisher,very good point.
Sounds like you are a newby to the beach.FOLLOW all tracks,do not be the first tracks,others did not go through for a reason,if it does not look good don't push your luck,the tow can get pretty expensive I hear.If you feel the tires digging in do not goose it,you'll be up to your frame in no time,Stop get out of truck & air down more,then slowly proceed.the slower the better,just let the 4WD do the work,don't get excited.I've seen to many people get scared & goose it,thats a NO,NO.Good luck to ya & be safe outthere.
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