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Just noticed this online:

Please note that for 2002, New Jersey state recreational fishing regulations allow you to harvest one striper that is between 24 and 28 inches in length (a “slot” fish), plus one striper that is 28 inches or greater. Additionally, if you participate in the 2002 NJ Striped Bass Bonus Program, you may keep an additional (third) striper that is 28 inches or greater. The recreational striper season is open all year in coastal Atlantic waters (0 to 3 miles from shore) and open from March 1 to December 31 in all other marine waters.

2002 NJ Striped Bass Bonus Program

New Jersey receives a commercial quota for striped bass each calendar year. Since New Jersey has a prohibition of netting and/or selling of striped bass, the Division of Fish & Wildlife utilizes this quota to provide a “bonus” fish for recreational anglers.

New Jersey fishermen may possess one (1) additional Striped Bass per day under the Striped Bass Bonus Fish Program subject to the following:

1. The fisherman must apply for and receive a fish possession card in advance of attempting to take a bonus fish.

2. The minimum size limit for a Striped Bass taken under the bonus program is 28-inches.

3. Fishermen must comply with all aspects of the regulations. A guide to these regulations is provided with the fish possession cards.

4. Two (2) fish possession cards are issued to each applicant. Only one card is good per day. Cards are valid only during the year issued. The gray card is only good for the 2002 season.

5. Participants wishing to continue in the program in future years can only do so by mailing the fishing logs enclosed with their cards.
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