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25' Steiger Craft

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Does anyone have experience w/ a 25' Steiger Craft, new or used, Block Island or Chesapeake models. Looking to get info before possibling buying one. Any help would be appreciated.
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dj- In 1999 I bought a new Chesapeak 23' with an outboard from Steiger. I have been happy with it. The boat is rock solid and provides a secure feeling when riding in it. I chose the outboard to add more deck space in the back for fishing. If you use the front portion for storage only, you will be fine. If you want more creature comforts up there, well then you may not want to go with a commercial workboat (unless that's what you need it for). The gas tank is plenty large (125 gallons) , the visibility all around is very good. It's easy to clean up after a day of fishing since it's all fiberglass all around. Although I think the accessories & switches could be of higher quality (my fuel gauge broke, a halogen light goes off sometimes). Oh yeah, if you are over 6' tall, watch your head when going into the pilot house--- I have smacked it plenty of times. Overall its been pretty good so far, hope this helps.
The boat can handle all the LI Sound can dish out, but I would take everyone else's advice about the inlet or the ocean. The Parker's vital statistics are largely the same give or take.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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