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2008 NHL draft..

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OK guys sorry if there is already a thread for this but I looked and didn't see it. Well the draft is tomorrow night the Isles choose 5th and the Rangers 20th. There's some chatter both teams might be moving a bit although from what I hear the Rangers would only move down a few spots no higher than 10th. The Isles could move up to #2 highly doubtful but possible or up to 7-10.

As far as the players I'd want for the Isles. If they stay at 5 I think they will have a shot at 2 of these 3 players. 2 D men Schenn and Pietrangelo and a russian forward at 6' 170 lbs or so named Nikita Filatov who is suppose to be a great ofensive weapon but the size has me a bit worried. Schenn is a big nasty D man and Pietrangleo also has size 6'2" 209 play more of a 2 way game while Schenn is a shut down guy. If they move to 2 they'll take Bogosian if they go to 7-10 look for them to go after Wilson, Bodekker or Hodgson and maybe a tough d man named Tubert.

I know Runnin made a nice mock draft and he is way more up to date on these guys than I am. I'm sure he'll give us the skinny on who he is looking for the Rangers to draft and maybe he can even give us some info. on the guys I want the Isles to get.

Here are some of the top players and their write ups from I left of Steve Stamkos as he is the guy that will go 1 and Tampa is moving him.

Pos: Defenceman
Shoots: R
Height: 6'
Weight: 219 lbs.
Born: 12/08/1989
From: London, ON
Team: Guelph (OHL)
TSN: 2
ISS: 4
RLR: 3
McK: 4
THN: 2
Comparable: Raymond Bourque

From TSN: His hockey I.Q. is off the chart and he has an innate understanding of when he needs to step up offensively and create offence for his team, either by doing it himself or making those around him better. As good ?- no, make that as great -? as he is, there may still be a huge upside because he has only recently shown any interest in training like a pro. Doughty has lost 20 to 25 pounds since season's end and while it will take time for him develop NHL-level strength, the fact that he's finally showing an inclination to get serious about conditioning and maximize his potential suggests he can still make a quantum leap forward in his development. Like Stamkos, his defensive game is greatly underrated.

From NHL Central Scouting: Drew's strengths are poise and defensive acumen ? that is the ability to know when to jump up in the rush, the ability to know when to stay back, when to join the rush late and when to lead the rush. He has a ton of experience in the international game at all levels and brings that to the ice every night for the Guelph Storm.

Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
2007-2008 Guelph (OHL) 58 13 37 50 68
2008 Playoffs Guelph 10 3 6 9 14

Pos: Defence
Shoots: R
Height: 6'2
Weight: 197 lbs.
Born: 07/15/1990
From: Massena, NY
Team: Peterborough (OHL)
TSN: 3
ISS: 2
RLR: 4
McK: 2
THN: 3
Comparable: Rob Blake

From TSN: A physical specimen who plays every shift with unbridled passion and aggression, Bogosian likes to make things happen. He has a cannon for a shot, gets physically involved at every opportunity and is a natural born leader, not unlike his father Ike, who was a co-captain of the Syracuse University football team. While he maybe doesn't have the off-the-scale hockey smarts of a Doughty, his competitiveness is as good as it gets. He blew everyone away at the NHL Central Scouting Combine with his strength and conditioning. He is a dynamic skater.

From NHL Central Scouting: Zach is a big player and he plays defense very big. Zach's combination of skating ability and his size are what set him apart. There are some bigger, taller defensemen, who have to grow into their body, but Zach is right there, fully proportioned and ready to make that step into the NHL very quickly.

Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
2007-2008 Peterborough (OHL) 60 11 50 61 72
2008 Playoffs Peterborough 5 0 3 3 8

Pos: Defence
Shoots: R
Height: 6'3
Weight: 206 lbs.
Born: 01/18/1990
From: King City, ON
Team: Niagara (OHL)
TSN: 4
ISS: 5
RLR: 7
McK: 3
THN: 5
Comparable: Sergei Zubov

From TSN: A big, mobile puck mover who makes doing things with the puck appear easy. Scouts believe his upside is huge because he's only just started to tap into his physical presence and as he matures they believe he could be a dominant force at both ends of the ice, although some scouts say he's only paid cursory attention thus far to the game without puck. His off-season conditioning has been significantly set back because of the spleen injury that ended his season prematurely, but in the long run there will be no ill effects.

From NHL Central Scouting: Alex is very poised out there on the ice. A tall player, who is still growing in to his body, Alex brings a keen ability to know when to pass the puck out of the zone, when to carry the puck out of the zone and he's unflustered in the face of a hard forecheck. He probably needs to get a little more assertive.

Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
2007-2008 Niagara (OHL) 60 13 40 53 94
2008 Playoffs Niagara 6 5 4 9 4

Pos: Left Wing
Shoots: R
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs.
Born: 05/25/1990
From: Moscow, RU
Team: Moscow CSKA-2 (RusDi)
TSN: 5
ISS: 3
RLR: 2
McK: 7
THN: 4
Comparable: Daniel Alfredsson

From TSN: The Russian forward is a dynamic goal-scorer whose skill in that area draws comparison to Washington's Alexander Semin, but Filatov gets high marks from most scouts for being more of a complete package, in terms of work ethic, character and consistency. Fluent in English and the son of parents who received some education outside of Russia, the family is perceived as progressive and North America-friendly. In other words, this is a prospect who desperately wants to play in the NHL and immediately make the move to the pro game on this side of the ocean. He has quickness and a deft touch and while the "Russian" factor could cause him to slide a little lower than he's rated ? this is the consensus second-best forward available after Stamkos ? it's inconceivable to think he could slide as far as countryman Alexei Cherepanov did last year.

From NHL Central Scouting: A leader, has a great attitude, excellent work ethic and tons of talent. He has matured during the season and leads by example. He is an excellent skater who can change pace, even at top speed. Despite his size, he still plays aggressive, taking and giving hits.

Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
2007-2008 Moscow CSKA-2 (Russia III) 34 32 34 66 90

Pos: Defence
Shoots: R
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Born: 11/02/1989
From: Saskatoon, SK
Team: Kelowna (WHL)
TSN: 6
ISS: 6
RLR: 6
McK: 5
THN: 6
Comparable: Adam Foote

From TSN: He is without question the best defensive defenceman available in the draft, a big, physical presence with an edge who perfectly understands his role as a shutdown defender. The bonus is that he makes a great first pass, doesn't try to play outside of his ability and is as mentally tough as he is physically tough.

From NHL Central Scouting: He has a tough edge to him, he has the ability to, if caught up ice, to work hard and get back in time to recover. Needs to improve his decision-making.

Year Team GP G A Pts Pim
2007-2008 Kelowna (WHL) 57 7 21 28 100
2008 Playoffs Kelowna 7 2 2 4 6

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RunninAmok wrote:
Good post Fluke.

There is also the outside chance that Kyle Beach falls this year much like Angelo Esposito fell last season. He is still a huge risk/reward type of player. One scout called the guy a 6'3" Sean Avery!

You gotta watch Beach. Big kid who plays a physical game however he suffered 2 or 3 concussions last year. Not good for a kid that plays the type of game he does. I'm pretty sure this hurt his ranking. If he didn't have them I would bet he'd be top 7.
This is why the Isles are and will always be considered a 2nd class team with moves like this. All we heard from Snow was the top 5-6 guys were can't miss guys to build around. You were sitting at 5 all you had to take was Schenn or Filatov that was it and everyone would have been happy as you got a player to build around for years to come either on D or up front. Instead you deal to #7 and pick up another 2 picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Now that's not bad enough a guy you be talking up the past week Bodekker is there for the taking and what do you do trade down again and get another 2nd round pick which is a total crap shoot. Now we end up with players considered to be in the 2nd level of talent of the draft after having 2 potential studs 1 up front the other on D. And what did we move these guys for no immediate help we picked up extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Just awful for a team that needed so much and had a chance to get a player to build around.
Just awful nothing more to say it's stupid crap like this that made me stop buying season tickets for this team and really worrying what happens to them.
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Well after a very bad day for the Isles leaving possible franchise players like Schenn or Filatov at 5 to trade up then to leave Bodekker and Wilson at 7 to move to 9. I have no problems with Bailey but the thing that bothered me last night was all we heard was Snow telling us the 1st 5-6 are franchise guys then there a drop off. What do they do they get out of the top 5-6. Then we hear they have to be bowled over with an offer and take a 2nd and 3rd rounder to move out of the top 5. If they wanted Bailey and knew he'd be around at 9 why not draft Filatov and then talk with whoever was at 9 I don't even remember and make a deal toss your 2 2nd rounders and go from there. Then take Bailey and get your franchise guy in Filatov and Bailey.

I have to say the Isles had a solid day 2. They picked up a few physical d man not crazy about Ness at 158 lbs but who knows but I like Niemi. Then up front they picked alot of talent in Towes, Trivino, Ullstrom, DiBenedetto and the big question mark Petrov who was in the middle of the 1st round on pretty much all the draft rankings. The big question is can the Isles get him over here he is under contract for the next 3 years but has stated he wants to come over which is good.

They added 13 guy many with alot of talent to an organziation that needed talent at all postions. Any yes they did not take the possible franchise kid in Filatov but have added alot to the team. Looking over the ISS top 30 the Isles got 5 guys from the top 30 Bailey/Ness/Trivino/Towes/Petrov.
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Runni I'm pretty sure you saw this as your up to date on all Rangers happenings. But they dealt Bourret a guy who they got for Dupis last year. Guy was draft very high a few years ago but never really got going in Hartford. They dealt him to Phoenix for a 3rd rounder this year.
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