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2003 fluking will be super

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All this bad weather is keeping the commercials at their docks. This is good because they won't take as many fluke this winter.
There's a 500 pound catch limit for fluke each trip. How do the commercials get around this in the winter ? It would hardly be worth there while to go all the way offshore for such a small catch. You can bet that they got around this limit some how.
let everyone here hope the bad weather continues and the fluke fishing is great in 2003.
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They Wait !

Hey SunnyD,
From what I have seen the last couple of years, The draggers lay in wait for the Fluke to concentrate on the way inshore in the spring, and then Maul'em
as close to the inlets as they can get away with.... Keep a sharp eye out to their position and call the Coast Guard
when they get in closer than 3 miles.
Trouble is,we are all fishing inshore during that time and not many of us are watching! They also can make several trips a day a that close in range. So why should they go all that way now for a mere 500lbs.?
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