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2003 fluking will be super

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All this bad weather is keeping the commercials at their docks. This is good because they won't take as many fluke this winter.
There's a 500 pound catch limit for fluke each trip. How do the commercials get around this in the winter ? It would hardly be worth there while to go all the way offshore for such a small catch. You can bet that they got around this limit some how.
let everyone here hope the bad weather continues and the fluke fishing is great in 2003.
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Sunny- I hope your right ..I hope your right...

I believe Chris is correct-I thought it was more like 60 lbs. a trip-at least for the inshore draggers-this needs more research
Guys-any one know what the fluke regs are for the Comms?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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