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Hey guys long time since I posted on this forum. But I wanted to ask if I am making a good decision. I am in the market to purchase my first boat and this weekend I will be going to look at a 2002 Aquasport 215 Explorer with a Yamaha 150HP outboard. What should I look for when shopping for a boat? What are some things that can help me try to knock off about $1,000 off the price? The guy is asking $22,900 for the boat. I found other 2002 Aquasport 215 Explorers and they were asking anywhere from 19-21K. If anyone can help a fellow boater/angler out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

Also, his boat only has 150HP motor for the price he is asking. i found the same exact boat online for sale cheaper with 175-200HP motors. Please help a new boater!!

p.s. Here is the link to the boat.


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I guess check the obvious to see all is working and in good order.

That would be in no order:

Bilge Pump: Does it have a manual and an automatic float?

Running Lights

Fuel Gauge


Wipers if so equipped

Battery condition and age

Wash Down if so equipped

Steering: Does the wheel turn nice and easy. If it's stiff, your looking at a new cable in the near future.

Electronics: Anything coming with the boat. VHF Radio, Depthfinder, GPS, Radar, Stereo?

Safety Equipment: Flares, LIfejackets, Compass, Distress Flag, Horn, etc.

Bow: Check out the nose of the bow. Every boat hits a dock, piling once in a while. See if it has stress cracks or pin holes giving evidence to hard use.

Engine: Obviously, if in the water, see if it turns over nicely. Idols good and that the smoke blown from the engine is clear. Black smoke's an engine leaking oil, white smoke's an engine holding water in the lines.

Deck: Any soft spots underfoot? Jump around and move any coolers out of the way that may be covering flooring and do same.

Cushions: Ripped, Dry?

That's a short list to get you started and some of the points I'd look for if I was in the market. Good luck. Hopefully others more mechanically oriented will add their two cents.
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