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spoke with dec clean up guy said they pumped the rest out of a bout that went down and obout 2000 gals were released. sheen across the whole bay. dec said power supply was stolen and the bilge pumped dont work wih no power and boat went under,, what a mess.

anyone with more info ?

We did pull up some kepper bass there today.

bay constable and another boat with what looked like the press on it . all running around, on onther boat checking close to marshes. enviormental boat ? ..

well looked ugly

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It was the Miss Edith, one of the bigger stern-rigs. Had just taken on fuel the night before, and it was on it's side, on the bottom, when the crew got there to go fishing in the morning.

The stern-riggers are usually kept in decent shapre there, so something out of the ordinary must have happened, especially for it to go so quickly.

They have it righted, and the fuel vents were plugged by a diver, so things are moving in a positive direction. I guess they'll need a big crane to get her off the bottom.

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