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2 questions

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Hi guys,

I have 2 questions. The first, I hope is not taboo. What are your feelings of canoues vs kayaks? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?

Second, how much $ difference would there be between a Tarpon, and a Tarpon set up the way YOU guys like it set up. Also, in sot yak as long as the Tarpon, how neccessary is a rudder?

Thanks much,

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I'm on the other side of rudders, don't have one, don't want one. Footbraces are spongey and it's something else to break and snag on. It's a personal choice for most, if you're planning to do a lot of distance on open water I'd say get one.

You can get by with a rod holder and a drift anchor, total abt 40 bucks for starters, decide what else you want later. I'm convinced you can do better for the extra cost if you rig it yourself, as opposed to any manufacturers fishing models
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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