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2 questions

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Hi guys,

I have 2 questions. The first, I hope is not taboo. What are your feelings of canoues vs kayaks? What are the advantages/disadvantages of both?

Second, how much $ difference would there be between a Tarpon, and a Tarpon set up the way YOU guys like it set up. Also, in sot yak as long as the Tarpon, how neccessary is a rudder?

Thanks much,

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As to a canoe vs. a kayak there really isn't much to compare. A kayak is vastly superior. I know this because several guys who bought kayaks immediately sold their canoes.

As to a rudder. Kayaks in the 11-13' range can benefit, but don't really need one. When you start getting over 14' it makes a big difference. I paddled a Cobra Tourer (15')for 2 years without a rudder and then I put one on. It was like the movie the "Wizard of Oz" when they went from Black and White to Color. As kayaks get longer they're more susceptable to what is known as wind ****ing. Often you have to paddle several times on one side of the yak, or entirely on one side, to go to where you want to go. With a rudder you paddle normally and steer. You don't have to use any special stroke techniques, hold the paddle differently, etc. I'm the first to tell everyone that I'm not a kayaker. I don't know fancy stokes or terms. I'm a fisherman who recognized that the kayak is a way to get more fish and improve my enjoyment of the sport. Most guys I meet are like me too. They want a kayak to fish. That's why we only deal in what I call fishing kayaks. These are kayaks that have a pedigree, so to speak, and have proven that they work well as a fishing vessel.

Also a rudder is great when drifting in the wind. You can control the angle you'll drift to the wind. That's a terrific feature to have.

A fishing buddy of ours bought a Tarpon. His other kayak is a Cobra Navigator. At 12'6" it doesn't even come with a rudder option, and doesn't need one. Doug got the Tarpon without the rudder and immediately noticed the effects certain currents and wind have on a 16' kayak opposed to a 12.5' Joey told him to order a rudder, so he did. I got a very excited cell phone call from Doug right after he used the kayak with the rudder for the first time. He was thrilled.

As to whether to get a kayak with or without a rudder, the nice thing is that you can always add one.

As to setting up any kayak, I agree wholeheartedly in not getting a factory angler package. The components are inferior and you'll end up changing them for better stuff when they fail. Besides for what they charge you can get the best stuff. You can keep it simple and figure out what you'll want by using the yak and seeing what others are doing. No need to be in a hurry drilling holes and mounting items.

As to the Tarpon seat some people find it fine. I think that its an abomination. I tell people to use it as is and then determine how that is. Mine is great now, so it can be resolved and costs what any other SOT seat setup would cost.

As to specifics, you know where to find Joey and Me.
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