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2 questions in 1

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I have 2 unrelated questions but I am asking them at the same time. One, what is rain bait, how big, can you get it in the cast net. Second, I was going to dowling college yesterrday and I passed bubbles falls and rattlesnake fishing access. Does anyone know what kinds of fish are in them, good fishing or no, and any tips. Any info about either question is greatly appreciated.
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Around here, "rainbait" is usually bay anchovies, but I think is is a generic term for small baitfish that splash the surface, and yes, you can get them with a small (1/4 square mesh) castnet. Bubbles and and Rattlesnake hold freshwater fish like trout and perch that came down the pipe from the Connetquot river and get trapped in the brackish pond. Plus in the late fall/winter, I've seen bunker which came in from Great River wind up dying off there.
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