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2 fish or Game Fish?

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Why is this business about 2 fish per day getting so much support here, while an effort to reintroduce the idea of making striped bass a gamefish coast wide (Stripers Forever - Brad Burns) hasn't even been mentioned anywhere on there boards?
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IMHO this game fish idea being pushed by Burns and Ristori is nothing more than a naked grab for all the fish by the recreational sector. They simply want to eliminate the commercial fishery so they will have for fish for the recs, and this on one of the few species that isn't in trouble. If they succeed pretty soon your going to see calls for a three or four fish a day limit.
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Sorry, I don't think its negotiating ploy. Gamefish staus is an all or nothing deal, it automatically cuts out the commercials. They are pushing for gamefish status, just like they did in NJ. (coincidence that they are both from NJ? I think not :) ) NJ, where it is a gamefish has zero commercial catch, but with its 2 fish limit it has bigger recreational catch than any other state on the east coast. That tell you where they're headed?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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