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1st annual Robert Dubois Classic

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WOW a year has past so fast, Last August 29th My mother-in-laws birthday.My brother-in-laws was painting his rental apartment when something terrible happened. Robert is a single Dad raising his son the best he can on Long Island. Just making it and finally able to buy a house for him and his son. He was so Proud of what he was able to accomplish. Well that night in August he was painting and his son was watching TV Robert Fell down the stairs and passed away 14 days later. Robert was only 47 and his son is 12 years old. Now a year later and we have seen his son very little after seeing them every weekend. His son now lives with his Mom.

So this is where I look to all. Robert was a fishermen and I only wish that he had come with me that night when I stoped by his house to get the crap net. Things could be different today,but not so. I want to start a fishing classic in his name and proceeds would help his son.

I want to have a blackfishing trip Close to Roberts Birthday in Oct.
all are welcome and we need to pick a boat. Celtic Quest is the one I'm thinking of simple because it is the northshore were we all fished.

How would I set up the the trip?
Do I supply Food and soda?
No Beer Kids will be part of the trip?
Do I have a raffle?
Will the boat help me set this up?

Any suggestions on setting this up.
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Hi there,
I've been researching party boats for my own first time excursion in many many years for this mid-week, and I came across something that may suit your needs.
Check out the Bay Princess out of Captree. It is the sister boat of the Island Princess and the website says its great for groups and private charter.
Also, one of my adoption groups is having a PB outing on the Captain Eddie B III, also out of Captree, and it seems to be at a discount to the normal prices. Perhaps there is a minimum amount of guaranteed fares to be met, I'm not privy to the details of either outfit.
I am very sorry for the tragic circumstances, but this event sounds like something very positive and a celebration of life!
Good luck!
I'm a single Dad with my 12yo daughter myself. My wife passed away 6 1/2 years ago. We don't have much to do with my wife's side of the family(not my choice). I'm very sorry that your nephew's life has been turned upside down, and that he is not seeing his Dad's side of the family as much any more. He probably needs to. Makes me think that I need to make a will, and nail down the Guardian issue before too much time passes.
Best of luck again with this event!
Apologies to all for being off-topic here.
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