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June 26, 2014 3:25 PM
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New York > Fire Island > 1st Annual Longest Fish Wins Contest - FISHFINDER II ~ 6-23-14
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It's been awhile since my last report….I have been fishing and missed posting a more than a few reports - too busy ...well this one's just fun...


1st Annual Longest Fish Wins Contest ~ 6-23-14


Crew: Capt. Walter, Capt. Eric,1st Mate Dillon and 2nd Mate Mike

Rules: Longest Fish Wins…..Any fish ….except Skates or Stingrays

Total Anglers : 19 ( in order of appearance)

Rob Dolphin - Rob FINback - Leo "Mad" Mackerel - John "Tiny" Tuna - Paul "Set the Hook" Snapper- Matty Red Drum- Rich Cod Liver - Brian Salmon - Shaun " the Kid" Albie - Mike "Pops" Albie - Billy Ocean Cod Liver - Mark Nauti Nap - Brian "Hammerhead" Anchor - Eric Char Chub - Joe "Sandals"

"Guppy - Jay "Happy" Halibut ( LFW winner) - Kevin Bullnose Bass - Perry "Catchem" Crawdad - Bob Zebra Fish

To the dock @ 4:15

On board by 4:30 pm

everyone on time and ready to go by 4:45 - excellent.

Set Sail under perfect, beautiful, calm conditions

Not a cloud in the sky or bug in the air or waves on the water.


Wind : [email protected] 5-10mph

High @

Water ?? 72?

Air : 75ish


So Glad to finally have this trip up and going after a year delay…

Just about everyone invited made it. Save 2. And we missed them. - next trip.

Spent part of the day before prepping for the trip and had 8 rods to bring for the guys to use… Cod Livers always have there's designated and one new Angler " the Kid " Albie was to use the special custom Ward Melville rod I built..

Kevin BB also had his custom and an extra.

So about 50/50 personal/Boat tackle.

1st drop NADA.. a quick drift and moved quickly..

2nd drop - Blues - Jay HH ( Boat rod) hooked into a really nice blue ..ZZZZ - took him from midship to the bow passing by 8-9 other anglers to get a handle on it..

Foul hooked too so it bent the rod in 2+ -- nice fish. ZZZZ a few times..

Had to really put the pressure on at the end because the capt had to move before we go too shallow.. landed just in time..measured 28.75" Blue and released too.

( he wasn't in the Boat pool) - That's going to be tough to beat…but all you need is one good Dogfish ....and you never know when south shore fishing..

We picked up a few more blues and Fluke - with a good amount of bites for all in this spot - as well as "the Kid" Albie hooking up. ( 19" blue)

That would be the most consistent drop..just could find a pile like that again.

And we tried and tried spot after spot. It was really a pick.

Had a moment where the guy next to me ( non-contestant) hooked into a big fish and then I hooked up as well…ZZZZZZZZZZZZ - really big blue..but both lines soon snapped as the bruisers sliced our lines with ease..even sending my line back on board tangling it with the mate.

One spot - I thought we had a great shot at a weak - even saw a huge school of Bay Anchovies swirling under us.. I picked up a small ( 12"?) Fluke and a non-contestant nearby picked up a nice Northern Kingfish ( 15"?)

Deep -shallow - Deep again..etc.. spot after spot - not much..the drift was perfect too.. that's fishing some days and Just past the Prime tide days too.

Great conversation, with great friends under great conditions is all you need some nights


Official Winner of the 1st LFW:

1 - Big Blue ( 28.75") caught by Jay " Happy" Halibut $190


Totals : (contestants only)

Rob FB: 2 Blues (24.75" & 22") ( 2nd in the boat pool & LFW) $0.00

Perry CC : 1 Keeper Fluke ( 20"), 1 Robin

Shaun TKA: 1 Blue ( 18")

Mark NN: 1 Blue ( 18") ( christened his new rod )

John TT : 1 Blue ( 21") , 1 Keeper Fluke ( 18.5")

Matty RD: 1 Blue ( 20") ( lost boat side)

Paul SthS: 1 Keeper Fluke (18.25"), 6 Short fluke (12-17") 1 Blue (21"), 2 Robins -

-Many many missed bites and bite offs.


-- lost every length bet with the mates by a ¼" just about each time..just fun.

-- spectacular sunset

-- IPhone picts just aren't the same..

-- Rich ( - the boat sharpie, won the pool - not surprised - so don't feel bad Rob FINback.

-- just my favorite boat to go on at Captree always has been. ( geez it's been near 7 ?yrs since I was on her.)

Till next year …or until another made up tourney…they were already asking when the next trip is ???…


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1st LFW Winner ~ JAY HH
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