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17" Fluke size limit Bites.

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I was really hoping for a 16 or 16.5 inch size limit this year.
My boat limits me to mostly inside the Inlet and its harder to get keeper size fish .
The skiff rentals & charter boats wouldve benifited too.
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I'm with you Scalawag- I usually stay in the Amityville- Wantagh area and 16 or 16 1/2 with a bag limit of 4 or even 3 would have been far preferable.
It says 16" size limit 8 fish a day season open all year on

But personally i would be happy with a 17" size limit.

I am with you Scaly. Just remember that the comms are still fishing with a 14" size limit if you really want to get frosted.

see that commericals have a 14" was it? WOW

I just dont understand this one,
Well what you going to do.
Im going fishing today thats what but for Tiderunners & Blacks, so long, Alan
Size matters...

if your forced to fish the bay because of the size of the boat,stick with the bass.I personally enjoy that more. Fished them the whole summer last year,numbers go down as the water warms up but I had fish to 39" on bellies.On flat days hug the beach for fluke,you know you should pull a few nice ones out there.
p.s. Alan the way you fish you need a 22 or 23 ft'er
Paulie, I love to eat fluke though!

I know I need a bigger boat, might get one too. I hate debt and am saving to escape from working in NYC . When I bought the Whaler I did so knowing it was a quality boat with a quality engine & I'd be able to sell her easily & just wrote a check with no loans ect.. { She'll go on E bay if not here }
I can work the beaches as you say on nicer days also, I'll catch my fair share, meanwhile I'm working on a fish streaching device in my basement!.
Turns a 15" into a 17" with a couple twists of a knob!
Scalawag, will that thing help turn my 20ft boat into a 25ft?
Strike 1 , no its not that powerful... but my wife suggests I can use it other ways.....!

Hi Alan,

I am the first one to say I have no idea how the powers to be figure these limits and size.

I have tried to read some of the data and end up totally confused, another senior moment!.

They seem to claim that even at 16 1/2" and 4 fish we MIGHT go over the limit!!!!!!!!!!! Heaven only knows!!!!

How do you satisfy the 1/2 day, 3/4 day, full day, twice a day party boaters and also satisfy people who have a boat???????

Think about this. Bigger fluke arrive in the bays early. They all don't get caught, nor do they leave till the fall.

I would targety those fish. It might not be easy to find them BUT they are there. To find them is the REAL CHALLENGE. With a shallow draft boat I would be up on the flats at sunrise and sunset and in deep water around noon. We are talking about the south shore bays.

In the sound there are big fluke in very deep water all summer long. Very few if any one at all tries for them.

Personally, I would be fine with 16 or 16 1/2" fish and 4 or 5 a day would be fine.

I will trade a days worth of keepers to catch a 10 # plus doormat, measure and weigh it, take pictures and video tape its release.

Go on the hunt, yopu might be suprised.

Have a good season.

Capt Neil
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Looks like it is up to the recreational fisherman to rise to the occasion in the face of adversity (again). Guess we are the real "doormats". No guns, no fish, no fun!

One inch. Some women say that is the difference between fantasy and reality.

What the ****....just my $0.02
Fluke Stretcher

I may have an answer to your dilemma. Instead of a fluke stretcher, make up some bogus model that claims to stretch the male ...... Advertise it on late-night TV and you may soon be able to afford that home in the burbs and your new canyon-runner boat. Good luck
Capt Neil....

Hey Cap....

I fish the North Shore out of Northport on my 20ft Seaox ctr console...
The fluking is really good through most of June with quality fish.
When it slows in July and august I spend alot of time thinking that there are big fish in deep water I should be trying for.

Bottom line is.....Think I could get you to come aboard sometime so we could put our heads together over where these 10lbrs are hiding?
I never fished the sound, except from the shore once or twice.

I drove to Wildwood park last week and walked around a bit a place my ex- girlfriend and myself loved to stay at.
The bluffs, seashore of the N.Shore in that area takes ones breath away, the first thing that comes to mind is " Ice Age"
Man but those big rocks are a scary sight to someone who's drifted into bouys while fluking a couple times LOL!
I should start a thread about this subject & might if no one chimes in but can a novice handle navigating the LI Sound without ....well killing himself??
Any tips/inf. on fishing the long Island sound Suffolk area ?
Ive got a trailer, will travel,
If you are not happy with a 17" size limit, go to Huntington Bay this weekend. Capt. James in Huntington had a boat limit today upto 11 3/4 lbs. There are so many sea robin in Greenport area today. Still I could manage to catch 4 keeper upto 7 lbs. in front of Greenport Harbor. There are very few throwback.

k song
greenport, huntington bay seems to be the best places.

The way fluke grow, & the fact the fishery is fine....

we dont have to let the commericals have them all @ 14" and we get 1 keeper out of 10 out @ 17.
Its just stupid I think. Our grand kids will still have Fluke 1f we could catch a keeper too once in a while.
With the amount of fluke around, it seems that the present regulations are working just fine. LATER
Size don't matter

Well I fish out of sheepshead bay and for a long time it really didn't matter what the size limit was people kept shorts anyway to cut for bait. And these people complain about commercial fishing Give me a break. if size is all that matters and not going out to have a good time away from it all. Go to the fish market
Bucktail, couple things.........

Its early, water still cool. plenty of fish around many people caught 15 fish today no problemo, except for 1 keeper out of 15.
Recs. should definetly be allowed to keep fish around 15.5-16" if commericals get to keep 14's. These fish grow @ a fast clip.
READ THE REPORT FROM BASSMAN909 Sunday May 5th... said I caught 25-30 Flike by the big M with 1 keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Americans stand up for your Flukin Rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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