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Bass Pro Shops "Ocean Master" Surf Rod

An interesting chunk rod to look at is listed in Bass Pro Shops "Offshore Angler" book.

The rod is a well made graphite composite double wrapped "cork taped handle" rod. It runs for about $119.00 on the twelve foot conventional and spin rods and $109.00 on the 11 foot spinner.

These rods have a very progressive loading action much more forgiving than a twelve foot Ugly Stick and recover very quickly on the cast.

They have a custom made rod look and feel with off the rack price. They also have a thinner profile than Ugly Sticks.

I find the leverage of attempting to cast with a rod over twelve feet usually shortens my cast. With a spinning reel anything over eleven feet seems to be difficult to get a smooth swing and rythmn in my cast causing me to attempt to "muscle" the rod more than than let the rods natural loading action do the work for me.

Lure weight on the Ocean Master rods is 4-7 on the eleven I believe and 5-9 on the twelve.

They also have a nice ten foot offering and an eight foot six offering. I do not recommend them as "lure rods" because they are heavier than the all graphite offerings most use.

These rods have proven to be as durable as my Ugly Stick over the years but are much more refined.


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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