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1321M Guide Spacing

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Does anyone have a recommended guide spacing for a Lamiglas 1321M? I'm planning on building one this winter with 5 of the TiCarbide spinning guides. The reel is a Penn 706 (possible upgrade to VS250). Any and all input would be appreciated.
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Thanks to both of you!

The stripper guide has a 2.5" ID.

I was considering working off of the spacing I have for my older S-Glass, but the deflection on the graphite seems to be much faster. In fact, I'm wondering if I even need 5 guides. I'm fishing with 4 Fujis on my existing 1321M, they seem OK, but I like the larger stripper available with the TiCarbides.
Thank you Capt. Neil - we'll talk later!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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