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1000 Islands/Canada recap

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Well Alberto, you're tips did produce somewhat. We had real tough conditions. As you warned the weeds and bugs were fierce!!! I never saw so many bugs actually swarm onto the windows...was like out of some horror movie. There was also a Canadian holiday so the boat traffic was very heavy. I think I caught yellow perch even in my sleep...they hit every kind of lure and bait I threw out there.
I didn't manage many bass...actually only had one decent LM on but lost it durings some aerial acrobatics. Caught a few pike that were a blast on ultralight tackle.
Didn't get to see a channel cat, but hooked up with something very big twice at night...first one hit very softly and then proceeded to spool me while acting like a huge whitechin. Another straighten out one of my hooks.
Did catch a couple mean looking eels that easily went 4ft+...too bad they weren't congers ;)
Caught a ton of rock bass as well and a very strange looking fish that fought like a champ on my lil Lami. It sorta looked like an Ocean Pout, no real fins except for the tail and had a huge head, beady looking eyes,gills near the bottom of its throat, with some decent looking choppers...some guy said it was a German Carp but I thought it might have been a bowfin...still looking to find a picture of it. I took some photos but gotta wait for them to get developed before I can get em scanned.
Had numerous problems with the houseboat and having most of my friends cancel on the trip didn't help.
Did have a good time though and just wanted to thank you again for all of your great tips and advice!!! Hopefully next time up there will be alot better!
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Spooled in sweetwater? WOW! Do they they have carp up there? What else would do that?

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