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10 Knot speed limit for whales

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Is anyone comlying with this? Its insane. You can't chase fish to the Canyon at 10 Knots. It will take forever just to get there.
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Let it go, you're obviously a new subscriber... Ya can't run over whales anyway, they mangle wheels and bend shafts. But this has been common knowledge for thirty years.

What are you talking about? If being a subscriber since 2013 is NEW, then yes I am new. The fact remains that the Feds are instituting a 10 Knots speed limit on all boats over 65 feet for 5 months of the year, right over the mouth of NY Harbor. NOAA is pushing this on the marine weather reports. Is anyone being flagged for this, or is it being enforced?
I'm talking about you being a new subscriber to whatever service it is that you got that from. It's not new. And if you don't own a vessel over 65' you should let it go. And if you don't want to let it go, you shouldn't be naming vessels in a public forum after you complain about a regulation.
So the "service" was looking at the marine forcast on NOAA. I've seen this before, but I just haven't seen it enforced, nor does it seem anyone pays attention.
Other than navy vessels, which the reg doesn't apply to, how many boats over 65 feet that can do much over ten knots do you think there are in the area?
Much over? Definitely over. Much over needs to be defined. I've been on boats cruising at 16 knots to the canyon and over 60 foot long. What does the SI ferry do? Come to think about it, they have the ferry that runs out of Jamaica Bay that is truly booking and definitely more than 60 feet.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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