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Noreast Media Text Ads Terms an Conditions
  • The rate for Noreast Media Text Ads is $50/month per site. The first month of text advertising will be billed upon submission of the ad. 1. Your ad will activate that day. That day that you activate the ad will stand as your billing day for subsequent months. For example, if you activate your ad on the 10th of January, your billing day will be the 10th of the month every month, regardless of amount of days in the month. On your billing day your card will be automatically charged for another month of advertising. You can cancel the ad at any time and you will not be billed on the next billing day. There are no refunds for automatic billing. The option to cancel your ad will appear on the page where you can monitor clicks and views of your ad.
  • The text link advertising service is for fishing related products and services only. If you are unsure if you fit this requirement contact us and we will let you know.
  • All advertisement orders are subject to review and approval by Nor'east Media upon activation of the ad.
  • Advertisers may not use profanity or suggestive language in their text ads. Nor'east Media websites are family fishing websites.
  • Nor'east Media reserves the right to deny this service to any advertiser.

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Terms under which this service is provided to you.