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Nor'east Media Text Advertising
Simple, Affordable, Effective

Nor'east Media text ads contain a Title of 25 characters, two lines of 35 characters, and a web address. The entire ad is linked to a web address of your choosing. Our text ads have better response than other types of text ad services because we only allow fishing related products and services to advertise in this space. Our users know they can benefit from the ads, so they do click them. Here is an example

Lady Fish Party Boat
All aboard the Lady Fish
Rods and bait included free

Johnny's Tackle Shop
Fresh bait and the newest gear
You can't beat Johnny's prices

Nancy Lee IV
The best Charter Boat in NYC
Great fishing is guarunteed

Flyiing Dolphin Marina
The safest place to keep your boat
You can trust the flying dolphin

Our text ads are circulated throughout our websites. You can choose which websites you would like the ad to appear on. text ads will also appear in our daily fishing report emails. You can monitor the performance statistics of your text ad. So, you will always know if this ad is being effective for you. The two important statistics are views and clicks. Views are how many times a text ad has appeared on a user's web browser. Clicks are how many times an ad has been clicked.

Rate: $50/month per site - The first month of text advertising will be billed upon submission of the ad. Other details are outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

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