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  1. Surf Fishing Forum
    How To Cast Plugs At Night From The Shoreline! When i go out at night it can be dangerous. Besides not seeing what you're doing i also don't want to get stabbed by my hooks to watching my footing on slippery boulders to transversing lava flows. I try to limit what i'm actually carrying & will...
  2. Surf Fishing Forum
    Just wondering if anybody has been getting anything along the Riis Park/Ft Tilden Area. Haven't been able to get out much this summer, and I'm wondering if the beach restoration affected the fishing at all. Thanks!
  3. General Fishing Forum
    White Water Outfitters Marine Center Grand Opening Celebration Hey all. We at White Water Outfitters would like to announce that we will be holding a Grand Opening Celebration for our new store on MAY 3, 2014. We will be having... - Live Music - Food ( Catered by the Canal Cafe) - Drinks -...
1-3 of 4 Results