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  1. General Fishing Forum
    So we have a small group of people looking to book a 6-pack fishing charter out of Montauk. We have a great captain and boat that I've used in the past who is excellent and always seems to know where the fish are. His schedule fills up fast, so we are looking to book this soon. The date isn't...
  2. Fisheries Management
    This is not meant to be political, its supported by Ds and Rs, for-hire, commercial, and recreational fishermen, and by scientists and environmentalists. But the help of NY saltwater fishermen is needed to turn a proposal into reality. As of May 29th 2018, The NY Legislature has introduced...
  3. Events, Seminars, & Tournaments
    Hello Anglers! The 3rd annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Northeast Fishing Tournament begins this Sunday, June 1st! The Tournament runs through Sept. 14th and with over $55K in guaranteed cash winnings, weekly and monthly leader prizes, a striper catch & release competition, plus entry prizes, the...
  4. Offshore
    John McMurray has had a few blog pieces lately about the possibility of opening the EEZ to striper catch and release….he seems to think it's a bad idea…thoughts?
  5. General Fishing Forum
    This is a good endorsement for "Caught". The MD who wrote it confirms my belief and others that the fate of the bass lies in the Chesapeake... PS.... I self published this book...... ran into a lot of problems.... with editing and editors...release date..ect.. the five of you that actually...
1-5 of 8 Results