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  1. General Fishing Forum
    Hello Noreast friends, As I mention in my previous post when I showed you my homemade Darter project, I began to work to prepare the "How To Do" videos series to explain and show the steps I followed to made the Attila Veneno balsa lure. I tried to count the time that took me each step, but it...
  2. General Fishing Forum
    Hello Noreast Anglers I hope this post find you well. Continuing with my Restoration Series posts, this time I chose a very common lure. I'm sure that many of you have fished before with a Yo-zuri Crystal Minnow. It is versatile lure and there are many colours and options in the stores. It is...
  3. General Fishing Forum
    Hello Noreast Anglers I was continuing working with my Homemade Balsa wooden lures. This time, I did not add more wood details to the plug's head. I used directly the body wood I did, and then I coated it with epoxy before painting and adding the Aluminum and Hologram foils. Even though I am...
1-3 of 3 Results