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  1. General Fishing Forum
    I'm hitting up the big zilch ice fishing, so I created a "Best of" fishing video to get me through until April (when Haddock opens up again). Nothing but landings.
  2. General Fishing Forum
    It rained, and snowed, and sleeted, and there were tangles and it was slow. Had an absolute blast!
  3. General Fishing Forum
    Yesterday was perfect. Dead calm seas, wonderful weather, and the boat limited on Haddock. Loved it!
  4. General Fishing Forum
    Not sure what the bite is like around your neck of the woods...But it is insane right now. Fishing out of Seabrook, NH...We limited, all 53 of us, on haddock in just under 2 hours, and most of that time was reeling the line, and dropping it down. I've lived in New England for almost 20...
1-6 of 17 Results