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Saltwater Fly Fishing the northeast


Saltwater Flyfishing Articles Reviews and Techniques

Scout the area at low tide and get to know the terrain you will be flyfishing. When wading, wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
On a rocky beach the boulders and sea weed are extremely slippery. Beaches, bogs and flats are dangerous because of the shifts in sand bars, backwash and undertow currents. Wear korkers or studded footwear with cleats or felt bottoms. Be prepared for anything, It is very easy to lose your balance and can be difficult to regain traction, If you do fall and your waders get swamped you may be in trouble rather quickly. A wading belt and a knife are must items. Polarized sunglasses a hat and sunscreen are must have items as well.
In Saltwater Flyfishing the fish are much more powerful than they are when angling in freshwater. When flyfishing saltwater for Stripers and bluefish , a 7-weight rod, minimum, and an 8-weight is appropriate. Shop for a titanium-based reel. The Line:There are four different categories of fly fishing line.- level, double-taper, weight-forward, and shooting taper. Basically level and double tapers do not do well in saltwater fly fishing. All fisherman who flyfish in the saltwater use weight-forward lines. This makes for an easier cast and stronger reel in.

Don't skimp on price -- When buying flyfishing salt water gear, you do get what you pay for.


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Saltwater fly fishing Techniques Saltwater Flyfishing Techniques
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saltwater fly Pattern library Saltwater Pattern Library
Over 40 attractor and simulator patterns to draw strikes from wary gamefish and match specific baitfish.










Saltwater Fly Patterns Library

Since it began in 1997, our Nor'east Saltwater Pattern Library has grown to include a wide range of attractor and simulator patterns to draw strikes from wary gamefish and to match specific baitfish. Innovative tyers in our area have also contributed a number of distinctly original patterns that you'll find in the Uniquely Nor'east and Different Notions categories above

Baitfish (8)

Crustaceans &

Deceivers (2)

Epoxies (4)


Saltwater Flyfishing patterns

Half 'n' Half
by Capt. John McMurray

Menhaden (6)


Sand Eels (2)

Silversides (2)

Fly/patterns / Weighted (5)


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