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Appitizer, Striped Bass
Recipes...discussions with pic or Vids...In Anglers Lounge !

Estimated cooking time:
Posted By: KATsFish


I know this section exists and it is Excellant...!!!!

But we were looking for some interaction with members as well...
To post and reply about the recipes and see pics and vids of members cookin....makes it personal and entertaining !

So far it has been fun with pics....can't wait for the BRAVE Member that videos their cookin ...;)

Yum Yum in Anglers Lounge Recipes...

Quick Link..

Join us in the thread with your Recipes for discussion, questions, comments...add Pics and Ham it up with a vid of you cookin your fave recipes...

You may be the next Emiral or Noreasts' first Fishing Gourmet'...LOL

Thanks...Keep Cookin'....Kat & Pablo

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 07, 2008
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