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Entree, Striped Bass
Southern Style Broiled Stripper Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: joeflukehunter

Cut the fillets into serving portions, usually 4 servings per fish.  Take a large mixing bowl and drop your fillets inside.  Add enough olive oil to generously coat the fillets.  Add Old Bay Seasoning to taste, don't be afraid to let it fly, but don't overdo it, again mixing thoroughly, covering the fish on all sides.
Place fillets on tin foil, add butter patties across the top, splash with lemon juice.

Set onto BBQ, with top down, if thick chunks.  Flip after 7.5 minutes.  Leave top open if fillets are thinner.  Broil on High.


Joey D

P.S.  Same recipe works with Fluke!

This Recipe was posted on: Jul 14, 2005
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