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Entree, Fluke
Fried Fluke with Pasta Melt Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 45 mins to 1 hour Posted By: johnnybeefs

This is a 2 step meal , cut up 1 lb of fluke fillets into 1 inch peices , bread crumb them and frie .

bring a pot of rotelli pasta to a boil ,
while the pasta boils , cut up a 1 lb mozzerella cheese into shaving or buy a pack of shredded mozzerella, cut up a bunch of sweet basil , chop up one onion , cup up one can of black olives , add some cherry tomatoes and half of a cucumber , add them all in one bowl , add 2 table spoons of olive oil . add a heavy hand of garlic powder , mix all together will .

Drain the boiled pasta , pour back into pot and working fast add the mix back into the pot with the pasta , mix well , cheeze will melt from the heat of the pasta . place on plates add your fried fluke strips to the top , and enjoy .

This Recipe was posted on: Aug 05, 2003
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