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Entree, Shellfish
Stuffed Clams

Estimated cooking time:

take 10 large fresh Hen/Surf Clams. Shuck them out and remove the guts. Grind necks & Bellies up course. Save Abductor mussel for Broiling

Mix large box of finely crushed corn flakes with pinch of  sage, 1 cup fresh chopped basil, 1 onion, 6 garlic & 1 cup lemon juice.  add two large eggs and 1 cup cold water & 1/2 cup olive oil. a pince of white pepper and a bit of  black pepper,

Mix everything together with clams and stuff back into cleaned half shell. Wrap in Alum foil and roast on grill for 15-20 mins. turning to keep from burning.

Serve with a dusting of pappirca and fresh parstey.

A meal in itself! Serves about 20 people. so freeze some for later.

Clam Abductors: Broil those little clam scallops in a light olive oil with lemon pepper seasoning.
Serve Hot! with potatos.


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This Recipe was posted on: Apr 13, 2003
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