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Entree, Fluke
New Style Sashimi Servings: 1
Estimated cooking time: 10 min. Posted By: SYUJI

Make thin slices of fluke or other light white meat fish (seabass, porgy, ling, flounder etc.).  Arrange the fresh slices on a plate.  Chop ginger (peeled) and scallion and sprinkle over the slices.  Heat the mixture of olive oil and sesame oil on high heat.  Pour the hot oil directly from the pan over the slices of fish.  This will cook surface of the fish and make flavor of ginger and scallion come out.  Squeeze lime or lemon over the plate. Drizzle as much soy sauce as you want to taste.

This recipe is originally from famous "Nobu" restaurant.  It's the iron chef Morimoto's recipe.  
At Nobu, it's qute expensive for very small portion.

At Nobu, it's quite expensive for small portion.  
Also, great with cold sake or good white wine.

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 08, 2003
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