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Entree, Shellfish
Leprechaun's Mussels in White Wine Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 35 minutes Posted By: Leprechaun

Leprechaun’s Mussels in White Wine

Okay – here’s the second of the three recipes I’m gonna divulge to you’all. This is really a good hearty and delicious meal. Especially when the weather gets that Fall nip to it. My 11-year old goes nuts for this one.

Feeds four VERY well.

Ingredient List:

4 lbs washed Blue Mussels – native are far better than cultivated – if you can find ‘em
1 lb cleaned fresh NOT frozen Calimari
½ lb “Large” – size shrimp – cleaned and de-veined
1 Medium Onion - diced
10 Cloves Garlic – sliced thin not diced
6 Leaves fresh Basil - diced up
1 teaspoon Red Pepper
¼ teaspoon Oregano
½ teaspoon Parsley
¼ teaspoon salt
1 Liter bottle dry White Wine – Vermouth is fine
Olive Oil – see below
1 lb Pasta – we like Barilla Linguini or better with this recipe – Fettucini

Here’s how:

Use a LARGE frying pan – the bigger the better. I treated myself to one of those huge “Chef’s” aluminum frying pans 10 years ago – the one with the second handle up front and its just excellent for this dish. About 3” deep too – very important for holding the mussels when they open up their shells under the cover. I think it cost about $50, but worth every penny.

Put ¼” of oil in the bottom of the pan and turn on the high heat.

First put in the onion and get it sizzling nicely – 3 minutes. After that the garlic goes in and let the two cook another 2 minutes or so – till the garlic just starts to turn tan at the edges. Add all the spices and salt and let it cook together on medium heat for about 5 minutes.

Kitchen should be smellin’ good now. With the cover off and you standing WELL away from the pan, add the bottle of wine. Do it quickly – you DO NOT want the stuff to explode when it hits the hot oil.

Let the mixture simmer on medium heat for 7 minutes – this reduces the sauce, lets the flavors blend and removes the alcohol from the wine. Stir occasionally.

Put in the mussels and let them cook in the covered pan for 5-7 minutes on medium heat. They will be just slightly open at this point. Add the shrimp and cook under cover for another 4 minutes – make sure the shrimp are down in the sauce, not laying on top of the mussels.

The calimari goes in last otherwise it’ll be too tough. Add it after the shrimp’s 4 minutes are up – get it down in the sauce too.

Let the whole magilla cook for another 6 minutes under the cover and it’ll be ready to go.

Take a look at the amount of liquid in the pan – it should be about ½ - ¾” deep, depending on the size of the pan – if too little, add a ½” cup of hot water.

The pasta should have been bubbling away at this time and should be ready to go. If you use Barilla linguini or fettucini – figure about 15 minutes on the boil, that brand cooks muck slower than the run-of-the-mill stuff. At 10 minutes pluck a strand  out and give it a taste. Adjust your boiling time to suit your taste in pasta hardness.

Strain the Pasta - put in your dishes and spoon the shellfish combo over it. Use a ladle to put the sauce over all of it and serve.

Salt and add more hot pepper to taste – I like it smokin’ and salty, but that’s me.

This recipe goes great with a loaf of Garlic Bread and a dry white wine like Trebbiano Orvieto or any dry white.  Mmm-mm good.


Last recipe will be baked Blackfish with fresh vegetables, Italiano style – my wife’s specialty. If you don’t enjoy this dish, get your pulse checked.

Rgds, Leprechaun

This Recipe was posted on: Oct 06, 2002
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