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Entree, Shellfish
Leprechaun's Crab Sauce Servings: 8
Estimated cooking time: 2 hours Posted By: Leprechaun

This will make THE BEST tomato/fish sauce you will ever taste - except maybe for my Blackfish sauce - which really is the same except you use blackfish fillets instead of the crabs

Leprechaun's Crab Sauce

(That's TOMATO sauce - the boat's Irish - a Shamrock, but I'm a full-blooded Sicilian)

This will be for a LARGE pot of sauce (Leftover sauce definitely freezable)

2 Dozen or more CLEANED crabs ( that's at least 48 pcs)

2 Large cans Crushed or Whole tomatoes

2 Large cans of Tomato "Puree"

(Everybody knows that "Redpack" canned tomatoes are the best - try to get that brand if possible)

1 Good-sized onion

6-8 Cloves (Not Heads) of garlic

Small amount of Olive Oil (More on this later)

Salt/Pepper to taste (REAL Italians keep the RED pepper on the table to "Heat" it up to taste in your plate)

6 fresh leaves picked from the backyard Basil plant - all Italians grow their own Basil - in Italian - "Basili Gaul"

2 - 1 lb boxes of Linguini (Or even better - Mafaldini - if you can find it - it looks sorta like thin fetuccini - and is specifically made for fish sauce)- Use Barilla pasta if you can get it

Use good sized pot - at least 10 quarts - cover bottom with 1/8" olive oil. Chop onion and Garlic finely and add to oil after oil is hot. Sautee till onions are clear (Or until it smells great).

Put the crushed or whole tomatos in blender and grind till lumps liquify.

Add liquified tomatoes to hot onion/garlic/oil along with the two cans of tomato puree (Right out of the cans)

Add about a half a can of tap water for each can puree - or in this case about 1 full can total.

(A cup of full-bodied red wine mixed in that can with the water couldn't hurt)

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Add fresh whole Basil Leaves.

Cook it on high flame, stirring steadily until it JUST begins to boil. - BE CAREFUL here - you DO NOT want it burn at the bottom - thicker-bottomed pots are better

Lower flame and simmer (Covered or uncovered - depends how great you like the kitchen to smell!)

Simmer for 1 and 1/2 hours. Remember to give it regular stirring, again, you DO NOT want it to burn on the bottom.

Throw in your CLEANED crabs.

Since the crabs are probably cold from your refrigerator, pick up the flame a little - but not HIGH - cause you can easily burn the sauce at this point.

Once the sauce again begins to bubble, lower and again simmer - now you are almost done - total time from the time you put in crabs should be about 1/2 hr - if you cook the crabs too much - they get mushy - but the sauce actually tastes better - your choice really. I LIKE the crabs nice so 1/2 hr max for me.

Now this is the tricky part - Crabs tend to "Throw" water as they cook - which will tend to thin the sauce. You have to use your judgement how long you will simmer it to regain the "Proper" sauce consistance - USUALLY 1/2 hr as I said is enough - but watch and judge for yourself.

At this point you should have been boiling your Linguini - 1 pound for 4 people, 2 pounds for 8 peeps - use BARILLA pasta if you can find it - it's much harder to overcook this brand.

When the pasta is ready - to your taste as to stiffness, we like it "Al dente" - strain and place in dishes and spoon pasta sauce over it.

This receipe kicks ass so enjoy - you're now an honorary Sicilian.



This Recipe was posted on: Sep 03, 2002
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