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Entree, Fluke
Fluke Marinade Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 30-45 mins Posted By: nightwing34

Take a regular salad bowl. Fill halfway with plain vinegar, halfway with white wine or white cooking wine. Throw in a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil. Add the Old Bay and Lemon Pepper to your taste, you don't want less than 2 tablespoons (too weak) or more than 3 (too strong). Add the other seasonings (oregano, basil, etc). Stir lightly, just so everything gets mixed in. Take your fillets and place them in a ziplock bag, then pour the marinade into the bag on top of them. Seal the bag, and shake a little so that all the fillets are covered. Let sit for 10-15 mins while you preheat your oven to 350. Remove from bag and bake the fillets until done on a well oiled cookie sheet. You can also throw a slice of lemon on top of the fillets if that's your taste. You can use this recipe for any kind of flatfish. Generally, 1 bowl of marinade is good for 3-4 fluke fillets, but you can certainly use it for just 1 or 2, and you can always make extra if you're cooking up more than that.
Two slight variations:
-substitue some kind of sherry wine for the white wine if you're cooking a bit of a stronger fish like a weakie or a striper.
-substitue "fire up your barbeque" for "preheat oven" if it's summer and you've got a grill you can cook fish on. Also, If you've got some of that mesquite wood that's especially made for seafood, then this will be even better.

This Recipe was posted on: Sep 03, 2002
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