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Entree, Bluefish
Bluefish tacos Servings: 6
Estimated cooking time: 35 Posted By: ckrtagntmn

note: Bluefish should always be bled immediately and placed on ice when bled out to get the best flavor.
Fillet,remove blood lines and cut into four by two inch pieces, fill bowl with ice and water let pieces soak for ten minutes while prepping batter.
Louisiana fish fry mix
large flour tortillas
tarter sauce
lettuce and tomatoe

1)Dip pieces in fish fry mix, deep fry in olive small batches to keep from sticking together.
drain on paper towels to soak up excess oil.set aside.
2)heat dry frying pan ,no oil, lay tortillas in one at a time for about 1 minute per side until soft and browned slightly.
3)lay down a line of tarter sauce on the browned tortilla,place one to two pieces of fish,some cole slaw lettuce and tomatoe .
4)Serve it and see who can tell that it is bluefish because it's bangin' good!

This Recipe was posted on: Dec 10, 2016
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