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Entree, Fluke
beer battered fluke Servings: 4
Estimated cooking time: 20 Posted By: tauker

1.5 to  2 lbs  flounder*, fluke, or cod                                    
1  cup flour
3/4 cup beer  (i use lager)
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/4 cup milk
1 egg
1 tbls. melted butter

1- place flour in large bowl with salt and pepper
2- place milk in different bowl and whisk in beer and egg until smooth. drink left over beer in can and crack a fresh one. (hey, it gets hot in the kitchen)
3- whisk in melted butter in beer bowl.
4- whisk beer mixture into flour until smooth. Add more flour if you think its needed, it should be a "little" thinner than pancake  consistency .
5- take out the other 4 beers from six pack and while the mixture is setting for an hour drink them.
6-dry fish well salt. pepper and coat lightly with flour.
7- dip fish in batter and let excess batter drip off.fry in 360 deg.canola oil (i just have it at med. high or so)  until golden brown and just cooked within.
sprinkle with salt and enjoy.
p.s. i usually make onion rings first with the batter for the fam to have while i,m cooking the fish, kids love em.

This Recipe was posted on: Jun 27, 2010
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