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Entree, Striped Bass
Stuffed peppers Servings:
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: bass101

This recipe is still in the experimental stages but twice I have made this and each time it was good but missing something.In butter sautee onion.thin slices red pepper. oregano,parsley and blue claw crab meat and bread crumbs. This makes a good stuffing for fluke or bass. I have also slow cooked bass right in this pan. Take thin filets of bass and insert in the peppers going around the perimeter of the pepper. Insert the warm crab stuffing.Top with additional slices or chunks of bass. A slice of butter,Tyme parsley and a dash of paprika. Bake. Serve with asparagus parmesean and wasabi mashed potatoes

This Recipe was posted on: May 09, 2010
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