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Appitizer, Other
Take It From A Chef..... Clam Fritters ! Servings: -2
Estimated cooking time: Posted By: SushiHunter

Get yourself a cup of flour, 2 tablepsoons of salt and add a couple tablespoons flavored breadcrumbs(optional) fresh chopped parsley and 1 finely chopped garlic clove. Mix in a bowl and add warm water slowly to form a tight(not loose and soft) dough. Now the good stuff. Go to the store and get a 1/2 dozen clams(your choice of clam)or just dig em up fresh like me. Steam them till shells open and remove from water to a waiting icebath. Now chop up your clams to small pieces and add that along with any clamjuice to your dough. Mix everything well making sure you get clam throughout. Now pull pieces off the dough rolling them into balls about the size of a golfball. Have a pot or deep pan with vegetable oil at around 375'. place your fritters in carefully and make sure to flip them around to get even browning. Fry em up and ENJOY !!! Have sooooo many more great recipes.                                                                                                                                                               SushiHunter :-)  

This Recipe was posted on: Apr 16, 2010
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