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Soup, Lobster
Lobster Bisque Servings: 10
Estimated cooking time: 1.5-2 hr. Posted By: Hookinn

After eating 2 good size Lobsters (2lbs. or more) save the shells & all extra meat.(I always save the claws). Pick out all the meat you can from the shells & legs and put to the side.Take out & discard the sac behind the head. Put all shells, membraines & legs in a large sauce pan & fill w/ wtr. about 2/3 to the top of the shells. Simmer for an hour w/ a bay leaf or two. Then take out & strain the broth into another large pot. Steam up some large shrimp & bay scallops in a seperate pot adding some old bay seasoning. Heat up the large pot of broth, then add your sliced carrots, onions, celery,and mushrooms, sherry, clam juice, garlic, thyme, old bay, & dill seed. When veggies are cooked and as its simmering add the Progesso N.E. lobster bisque & condenced cream of mushroom soup & stir till blended. Next take your cut up pieces of shrimp, lobster & whole bay scallops & add in while stirring to keep from boiling. Add a little fat free half & half & thicken with some flour if you like it thicker. I do'nt. Stir & let all blend for about a 1/2 hour. Garnish w/ fresh or dried parsley & a touch of paprika. Guaranted Yum Yum !

This Recipe was posted on: Jan 06, 2009
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